Fully connect with all of your abilities, resolve that issue, and create the more satisfying life you desire. Be supported in a pleasant, respectful, safe level of trance, to access greater levels of beauty, skill mastery, right relationship and an expansion of well-being. This work is especially effective with intelligent individuals who are interested in personal growth in an easy, comfortable way.

Milton E. Erickson M.D., insightfully remarked, “Your (clients) are your (clients) because they are not in rapport with their unconscious mind”. What does this mean? It means that the structure of a problem is unresourcesfulness. Since the unconscious mind contains all of the resources, then “resourcefulness” occurs with the free flow of communication between the conscious and unconscious minds; when you are in rapport with your unconscious mind.

Linda Schneider, M.A

Linda Schneider has several certifications from The Milton H. Erickson Institute of the Bay Area, including for training with Betty Alice Erickson. She has an undergraduate degree in Human Development, a graduate degree in Interdisciplinary Human Consciousness Studies, a Montessori teaching credential, and is a long-term meditator (30 years). All of these, including her treasured experiences as a classical pianist and teacher, inform her work in the subtle and capable levels with her students and clients.

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